Nov 2, 2020

Interested in contributing a bioinformatics service to ELIXIR?

ELIXIR Norway now invites groups at the five partner institutions (UiB, UiT, NTNU, UiO and NMBU) to propose their bioinformatics tools and resources to be included as ELIXIR services.


ELIXIR and ELIXIR Norway provide resources including databases, analysis tools, and training as well as services to enable interoperability, reproducible research, and e-infrastructure. The service portfolio of ELIXIR is the sum of all services provided by the national Nodes.

Having your service included as an ELIXIR service will increase its visibility and integration with ELIXIR, and may also increase the number of users. All types of bioinformatics resources accelerating research in life-science are eligible (databases, data resources, tools, workflows, web services, training activities) provided they are open to external users  (commercial resources not eligible). 

The services provided by ELIXIR Norway are twofold. Services at the national Node level are serving the Norwegian scientific community, while ELIXIR Norway Selected Node Services become part of the ELIXIR (international) service portfolio that serves the international scientific community.

Submitted applications will be assessed by the ELIXIR Norway Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and selected in consultation with the ELIXIR Norway Node leader group. The applications can be assessed for status as Norway Node Services or Selected Node Services, depending on the level of maturity of the proposed service. 

A more formal description of the application procedure is provided in the application form here.  Applications can be sent by email to ELIXIR Norway’s Node Coordinator ( Questions about the process and proposals can also be sent to the same address. 

Application form can be downloaded from here

Call closes 15 December 2020.



Deadline for submission: 15 December 2020
Feedback to the proposing group:  February 15th 2021

Selection criteria

When evaluating a service the following criteria will be taken into consideration:

- Scientific focus and quality
- Community
- Quality of service
- Legal and funding infrastructure as well as governance
- Impact and translational stories
- This is in alignment with the guidelines from ELIXIR (and the criteria to identify ELIXIR Core Data Resources (CDR) and Recommended Interoperability Resources (RIR).