Feb 15, 2021

FAIRtracks included as an ELIXIR Recommended Interoperability Resource!


We are so happy and proud to announce that FAIRtracks, one of the new bioinformatics services recently added to our service portfolio, has been announced as one of four new ELIXIR Recommended Interoperability Resources (RIR)! The FAIRtracks ecosystem is a collaboration between ELIXIR Norway, ELIXIR Spain and EMBL/EBI.

RIRs are ELIXIR services considered to be vital to enable the interoperability of databases and metadata. These resources include registries, tools and standards to ensure data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable (FAIR). FAIRtracks was included along with the BioImage Informatics Index (BIII), Omics Discovery Index (OmicsDI) and PLAZA

Read more about all four services and RIRs in the original announcement by ELIXIR here.


Illustration: ELIXIR