Oct 30, 2021

BY-COVID - a new EU project for pandemic preparedness


ELIXIR coordinates the new EU-funded project BeYond-COVID (BY-COVID), which will tackle the data challenges that can hinder effective pandemic response. The core aim of the project is to ensure that data on SARS-CoV-2 and other infectious diseases can be found and used by everyone. Learn more about the project in the news release on the BY-COVID website, and in this news article in the Norwegian medically oriented newspaper Dagens Medisin.

This interdisciplinary project involves 53 project partners from across 19 countries within Europe and draws together experts from the life sciences, policy and social science ensuring that the project is driven by a diverse range of science.

ELIXIR Norway is proud to be a partner in BY-COVID. Out node at the University of Tromsø will contribute to work package 1 on support for virological analyses in emerging disease outbreaks, while the University of Oslo Centre for information technology (USIT) will contribute to work package 5 on facilitating secondary use of COVID-19 vaccine trial data and biosamples to test existing vaccines against emerging variants, using TSD as the data repository to access trial data.