May 11, 2022

FAIR Data Management in Life Sciences 14-16 June 2022


Join the first FAIR Data Management in Life Sciences course, organized by ELIXIR Norway 14-16 June 2022!

14.-16. June, Virtual 


The course aims to cover topics covering the whole data life cycle (as shown in the Research Data Management kit by ELIXIR Europe) with a specific focus on the implementation of the FAIR data principles. The goal is to teach the key concepts on how to make life sciences data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable for your research management. For queries, check out Frequently Asked Questions and/or you can send mail to

Learning Objectives

To walk through data life cycle steps with an introduction to tools relevant to life sciences research, including in a context of computational analysis for life sciences.
To understand FAIR principles in the context of each data cycle step
To understand the data curation processes that enable data reuse and repurposing
To know the different RDM guidelines and practices used by the various RIs and institutions in Norway.

Learning Outcomes:

To be able to define and connect RDM tasks within a domain of interest.
To be able to determine different tools that are available, globally and in Norway, to carry out RDM tasks.
To be able to identify metadata standards and to associate relevant deposition repositories
To be able to analyse and evaluate FAIRness of Data (and Management Plan)
Learning Activities:
Each session will include time for a short discussion including questions and answers. We plan to have a group activity on last day of the course that will involve reviewing and discussing how to create a FAIR DMP. In addition, we plan to include a short quiz relevant to each session; learners are recommended to take a quiz during or after the course to help revise and understand the content learned throughout the course.

Target Audience

The course is aimed at current and future life scientists in Norway. The target audience includes master’s students, PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows, early-career researchers, and technical staff involved in scientific research in the life sciences in Norway. The course is particularly relevant for users and/or collaborators of the research infrastructures listed below:

NorSeq: National consortium for sequencing and personalised medicine
NOR-Openscreen: Consortium for chemical biology and early drug discovery
NORMOLIM: Norwegian Molecular Imaging Infrastructure
NALMIN: Norwegian Advanced Light Microscopy Imaging Network
NORCRYST: Norwegian Macromolecular Crystallography Consortium
BBMRI-NO: National research infrastructure for clinical and population-based biobanks
MoBa Genetics: Norwegian Mother, Father and Child Cohort Study
GBIF Norway: The Norwegian node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Course Schedule and Registration

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Nazeefa Fatima, Centre for Bioinformatics, University of Oslo
Korbinian Bösl, University of Bergen
Federico Bianchini, Centre for Bioinformatics, University of Oslo

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For queries, check out Frequently Asked Questions and/or you can send mail to the organisers at